MICA Mitigation Suite


MICA Mitigation Suite is an application that lets you capture mitigation related job data on-site and wirelessly deliver it to a central repository. MICA Mitigation suite produces moisture mapping documentation of a water damage claim based on the industry standard IICRC S-500.

  • MICA is an example of Business Rule Technology
  • Built-in ASD Rules and Protocols

Why MICA Mitigation Suite?

MICA helps you to run a well-managed mitigation program.

  • Water and Mold losses account for between 22% and 25% of Homeowner loss payments and nearly 30% of loss frequency.
  • That’s $7.5 Billion annually
  • Unlike many perils, damage from water gets more costly over time.
  • Conclusion: A well managed water mitigation program makes good business sense.

How does it work ?

The office dispatches the claim from the MICA Web Portal to a field worker’s mobile device or tablet/laptop. The field worker collects signature on electronic forms, draws the floor-plan, takes psychrometric logs, records moisture mappings directly into the device, including taking pictures with the device and attaching them to the appropriate sections of the scope. All collected data is then uploaded/synced to MICA web portal. All reports are formatted according to the standards (includes summary, pricing, psychrometric logs, moisture maps, floor plan, pictures, work authorizations) and ready to be sent out to the adjuster.


  • Dispatch work orders to members’ tablet or mobile device.
  • Create emergency loss on the device.
  • Use one-touch calling to property owners (from phone device).
  • Customize any electronic form.
  • Collect digital signatures.
  • Calculate number of air-movers.
  • Calculate type and number of dehumidifiers required.
  • Record psychometric logs.
  • Capture moisture map readings.
  • Create the whole package of information in one click.

Contractor Benefit

  • Increase Efficiency
    • Audit by exception.
    • Know exactly where your equipment is at all times.
  • Eliminate Paperwork
    • All information is centrally stored. The reports are built automatically and ready for you to review.
  • Automate Equipment Calculation
    • Integrates with MICA’s asset tracking module. Track the location of all your equipment.
  • Third-party Integration
    • External system loss information integration via web services.

Insurance Carrier Benefit

  • Near real-time update of job data
  • All records are time stamped
  • Contractors use of MICA for "Applied structural Drying" will:
    • Directly reduce the cost of the water loss to the carrier by avoiding gut and cut approach
    • Provide carrier the ability to monitor the daily drying cycle per claim
    • Access KPI, SLA reports sorted by city/state/zip or region
    • Audit by exception – alerts sent from MICA for potential violation from ASD recommendation
    • Reduce cycle time

Adjuster Benefit

  • Job data anytime/anywhere
  • Detailed report of the job done


MICA is a subsidiary of Buildfusion, Inc., a software development company that provides IT consulting services and builds software solutions and applications to a broad range of industries. In 2005 while providing consulting and project resources for a nationally recognized insurance restoration firm, BuildFusion was asked to recommend a better way to utilize and track "Applied Structural Drying (ASD)" in the course of daily operations. The result of the analysis is the is the core module MICA Mitigation Suite which resides in Mobile Information Collaboration Application (MICA). MICA is a mobile device application that allows for faster, more efficient data collection and tracking as it pertains to water loss mitigation.

The application has matured through use by mitigation experts over the years. MICA is the best solution available in the market. The team had the benefit of working with the technicians to make it simple yet powerful for them.