MICA Timecard


MICA TimeCard is a mobile-based time tracking software for your field personnel with dispatching and GPS tracking capabilities.

How does it work ?

You can dispatch work orders to your field personnel’s phone by using the web portal. The employee receives an alert on his/her mobile device. The employee can then record time against work orders via a very simple user interface. All the recorded times are uploaded ready for your approval. You can download the approved entries to your payroll system. This is a very easy to use system with a huge productivity gain.


  • Dispatches work orders to user’s mobile devices.
  • Allows one-touch calling to property owners.
  • Gives real-time status updates from the field.
  • Sends notes for instant exchange of information.
  • Tracks employees’ location via GPS.
  • Records time for multiple crew members from supervisor’s phone.
  • Lets each franchise set overtime rules.
  • Lets admin create policy for out-of-hours reports for submitting to carriers.
  • Makes location maps and reports available on the web portal.


  • Increase Field Productivity
    • Get a real-time view of where your workers are and what they are doing. Know with a click of a mouse which crew is closest to a new loss.
    • Know exactly where your equipment is at all times.
  • Eliminate Paperwork
    • Make your payroll paperless and automated. Import employees’ hours into your payroll system directly from their phones after approval. No more inaccurate paper timesheets.
  • Increase Job Costing Accuracy
    • Reduce slippage and arm your employees with a simple solution for logging their time. Employees clock in and out real time via their phone. Time is accurately assigned to the proper jobs every time. No more “fill-in-the-blank drills” when timesheets are due.
  • No Double Entry
    • Eliminate the need for building labor hour spreadsheets or having to manually key the information into another system. With the press of a few buttons on the employees’ phone, their hours are recorded on-site and uploaded seamlessly.